Motherhood in a Nutshell

These are some thoughts I had during our trip that I thought some other Moms out there would enjoy or laugh at me/with me at the very least…

Motherhood in a nutshell is NEVER finishing a meal without a trip tot he bathroom to wipe someone’s ass. And no I am not talking about my own ass. I think EVERY place we visited that had a public restroom…I saw!

It is carrying a dish of toddler poop through the camp ground to the public restroom. And then being able to dump it out, wash your hands are continue eating your marinated grilled chicken! Yummy!


**FYI…not a real dish…I mean the little pull out container in training potties!

Transitions by Lindsay Swanson


Next Monday I start a new job at a Christian daycare/preschool…a full time position. My family needs this job and the income it will provide but to say I am nervous about being away from my little guy that many hours a week is an understatement. Oh and did I mention that my husband is also returning to school and has class two nights a week? Oh boy…… I have worked less than 20 hours a week or not been working since he was born. We have spent so much time together and I have cherished this time. We have good childcare lined up and I know he will be loved but as a mom you always wonder are they doing everything I would do? Can they tell by his body language that he is sleepy and needs a nap? Can they tell when he is eating that he is full or wants more food. What about when he wants to snuggle? Or can they tell when his teeth are hurting and he needs some teething toys. View More:

These are the worries that run through my mind as I leave him crying and reaching for me. It’s hard. Being a mom is hard. You get pulled in so many directions. Your most important life’s work is raising your child but that doesn’t pay any money to help provide for them. Then I think about doing anything during the week that is fun like wine and Canvas painting or shopping with friends or my mom and I automatically think that’s a whole day I would miss. I have never missed an entire day of his life. I have spent some amount of time every day with him since he was born. Are we making ends meets with one income? Just barely, I mean we pay the bills but there is nothing left for savings or college funds, or fixing up our house etc. So that means momma must get to work. I know that we have made great decisions in who takes care of our son and I know he will be showed love. But there is nothing like a mamma’s love. So today as my little one practices being at daycare all day and I get things done around the house I am contemplating transitions. Life transitions. And remembering how blessed and lucky I have been to be able to stay home with my little one for the whole first year of his life. I wish everyone was given that opportunity.


BoBo is Getting Hitched…

I didn’t expect to be emotional about Bolton getting engaged and now married…in only a few short days. I knew I was happy for him and excited for their celebrations…BUT I didn’t expect to be so emotional and then it sort of came to me. And made me also realize I NEED TO HAVE WATERPROOF MASCARA ON THAT DAY!

I was four years old when he was born. I had enjoyed my time as an only child and had lots of attention from my parents and my grandparents who lived RIGHT across the road. While I was excited about a baby brother I still have a vague memory…my Grandpa Fox was driving me to the hospital to see him. I told him if they didn’t send it back (Bolton) that I would jump out of the car. I remember a chuckle and the door locking. Well damn. But I also fell in love with that rolly-polly baby with those chocolate brown eyes. Something Blakely has that often reminds me of him.

That little baby was the FIRST boy I ever loved. I have and always will protect him, I was Momma #2 and reveled in it. Now that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to beat him sometimes but no one else was allowed to! We went through all the stages…the annoyance of “I am not touching you”…partners in crime, eating cookies dipped in water (don’t dis it until you try it!) and swimming endlessly…hanging out at grandma and grandpas house …and we eventually became best friends. And now he is my tequila drinking partner. We can tell each other almost anything and I hope it stays that way with age. Our relationship has been challenged in recent years due to family stresses but I think we have came out of that stronger.

I love you BoBo. You will always be BoBo and while I can still see that little boy, I know you are a young man and have nothing but love and happiness for your future.


Congratulations Kayla and Bolton!


We just found out we are now going to offer a Chemical Peel…

These can cost $150+ at spas! This is one you can do at the comfort of your own home and it be safe! This helps reduce the signs of aging but also can reduce the appearance of scaring, such as acne scars and improves the overall tone and texture of your skin.



I also want to start offering Microdermabrasion skin care classes! Each person would get to do the full microderm using our amazing Skinvigorate brush and see how fresh their skin feels and looks! The class would be FREE!!

peel1 peel2

Torch Lake 2016


We were very excited to spend a few days up at Torch Lake. It’s amazing that in Michigan we can just drive a few hours and have such beauty and new things to explore. Every day was beautiful weather! We stayed at Torch Grove Campground. It had small but clean restroom facilities, the campground was smaller and there were many seasonal campers with their RVs parked there! The seasonal campers kept sprinklers in their ‘yard’ area so they were blessed to have grass…I was disappointed that our yard area was basically a sand/dirt pit. Overall, we were very happy with our experience there.



We also decided to try for Sleeping Bear Dunes again…a little bit of a drive but worth it! Last year we stayed at Lake Leelanau and had terrible weather, we did the driving tour of the dunes but as you will see in photos below it was wet, cold and just nasty out.


duens153 dunes151 dunes152



dunes161 dunes162 dunes163


While on our way to the Dunes we decided to catch lunch and ate at Cherry Republic in the cute town of Glen Arbor. We were happy with their menu and that it was a very kid (and dog for those animal lovers out there) friendly facility! I LOVE unisex bathrooms…they make the lives of parents so much easier. Here is Blake getting her first taste of pop, we don’t usually allow it for her but it was a treat and it was their homemade “Ture Cherry Cola”…


I was happy I looked up some Pinterest tips…didn’t get to try out as many as I had hoped but these are a few we found nifty…


  1. Packing into 3 draw storage containers. Each person had one of their own.


2. Hanging cloth storage that was used for food items. This cleared off what counter space we have and prevented things like bread and chips from being crushed.


This fall or next spring I REALLY want to do the Pop-Up makeovers…we are happy with the cushion covers and they are in good shape, the curtains were newly redone prior to our purchasing the camper. So we are thinking of redoing the flooring and then painting the old cabinets!

Camping PREP…

norwex1 norwex2 norwex3 norwex4 Norwex5We recently became proud owners of a pop-up camper! We are so excited to use it this year…if I am being 100% honest we have slept in it two nights already…while it has been parked in our driveway.

Right now I have just been working on cleaning it out and packing items in it for a camping trip! It has been in storage since last year and we just purchased it so I needed to be cleaned up! I was impressed with my Norwex Cleaning products and how well they cleaned…just wanted to share some before and after shots…progress and boy am I excite for our trip!

Let’s just hope we don’t have any epic bathroom stories to share…if you don’t know what I am talking about please read this post…its gross and hilarious all at once…Vacationing with Children (


Meet Buddy…

I would like to introduce you all to “Bubby” the bull calf. We are bottle feeding him because the cow was having some issues producing so we sold her at the sale barn. My plan is, seeing he will be tame and familiar with people, to halter train him and sell him as a club calf this fall! HOW CUTE IS HE?

This brings me back. I loved doing 4H and FFA, this calf and the fact the Ionia Free Fair is also starting up soon makes me excited for a time when hopefully Blake will want to show cattle too. She loves buddy and always wants to help Mommy and Daddy feed him. I still have my tack box, my grandfather made it for me when I started to show. Excited and hopeful that box will be put to good use once again in the future!


Cruzing IN SUMMER!!!

I’ve been in Mary Kay for two years now this year the 2015/2016 fiscal year, that ended on June 30 has been my best year yet! I couldn’t done it without all my wonderful customers and my team members- so thank you all!


I want to make this year even better, one of the goals I have had my heart set on since starting Mary Kay has been earning a free car…the idea of it has honestly scared me – but I am ready to make this happen!


You all can help me just by being the loyal customers that you already are. However, there are a few other ways that you can make a big impact on me earning a free Chevy Cruz… 1. You can host a live skin care class/ don’t let this intimidate you it’s you in two or more of your best friends getting pampered by me and learning the latest skincare and make up tips! And don’t forget you’ll get gift from me and earn rewards for hosting and all of your friends get a goodie bag for attending.

2. You can have an online or catalog party. Again you’ll get amazing gifts as the hostess and earn Great rewards! Did I mention my hostess gift is retail value $50?

3. Who doesn’t love mascara? Mascara is a girls best friend and we have some amazing mascara! If you have a mascara marathon you can earn your mascara for free and introduce all your friends to our amazing new lash intensity mascara… If you haven’t tried it you need to put an order in!!

4. This is a referral-based business so if you don’t feel like doing any of the above listed either share my name with some of your favorite people or give me the names and numbers of your favorite people and I’ll gift them with a complementary facial and a $15 gift card from you!

5. Lastly have you ever thought of doing this? You get to meet amazing women, get discounts on amazing product and earn money while you’re doing it…plus prizes from the company!!! If it’s ever something you’ve thought of let’s talk over coffee!!



Closing out the BEST YEAR YET!


I just want to thank all the customers and team members that made this my BEST YEAR YET with Mary Kay! I have some big dreams for the year to come but lets celebrate this! 🙂

Unit Awards:

#9 in Court of Sharing

#5 in Unit Court of Sales

Unit Court of Sales which means we did OVER $10,000 in retail sales last year!


Knock Knock…

We recently had a family reunion with Jake’s side of the family. We were at a lake and there were MANY people…I think the peak count was like 59 adults and children. To say I was a bit anxious is an understatement. Blakely wants to be on the go and wants to have all the fun everyone else is having…and like typical child seems to not ‘hear us’ well when there are groups of people around. Overall it was a good but exhausting day.

At one point we were up by a basketball hoop in the driveway with some of the younger kids. Blakley loves all games that involve a ball. Suddenly she seemed interested in the flowers in the landscaping. Jake continued to play with the other kids. I watched Blake, letting her move a little further away than I was comfortable with…as all she was doing was smelling flowers and the water was a ways away. Then she DASHED. The kid has more leg than I do and her sprint proves it. I have a gimpy foot and in all honesty not in running shape. She entered the neighbor’s yard and I yelled back to Jake who was blissfully unaware. As she approached the front door I slowed down, not wanting to startle neighbors I don’t know and also was confident I would catch her on the porch. As I rounded the corner I watched the door slam in my face. That’s right the door was not locked. Blake had opened a stranger’s door and ran inside. I froze on the porch, it seemed like for a few minutes but it was honestly only seconds. I opened the door yelling “HELLO, BLAKLEY….HELLO MY KID JUST RAN IN YOUR HOUSE…HELLO…BLAKELY COME HERE RIGHT NOW” no one responded so I walked in and looked for my child. There she was in the living room sprawled on the couch playing with one of those doll head mannequins that you can put make up on and do its hair…chilling. Her look “what mom?” I dragged her out of the house and shut the door behind me. MORTIFIED. I told Jake to have his child…I was done. And then everyone slowly heard about what she had done…most found amusement. I eventually found the amusement but mortified.

Jake’s Aunt who hosted the reunion spoke with her neighbor the next day. I was urged to go talk with her once they saw her outside but the tequila that I snuck in my cooler wasn’t enough liquid courage to get me there. Luckily the Aunt said the neighbor thought it was hilarious and wasn’t a bit upset.