Eye Makeup

Recently I have been building my portfolio for eye make up! All my lovely clients that are willing to allow me to use their photos are getting to pick out a mineral eye shadow as a gift from me!

I have learned I need to work on taking photos in better lighting to really show how pretty these colors are but here are a few….

eye1 eye2 eye3 eye4 eye5 eye6 eye7 eye8 eye9 eye10




Headboard Redo


I did Blake’s dresser a while back and I finally finished the headboard I painted to match the dresser!


4 coats of white paint and the silver trim later it is done and in her room! 🙂


So most of my TV shows I watch regularly are off air right now and I am waiting for the new season…

  • Modern Family (Who doesn’t love this? Jake and I can watch this and both laugh and enjoy it)
  • Vikings (Jake and I both LOVE this and when it is on it is our ritual DATE NIGHT IN)
  • Shadowhunters (I know…I know…its a tween show…but it reminds me of Buffy the Vampire slayer in a way and I loved that show)

Currently I am watching… and Jake hates them…

  • Heartland (It is cheesy but again I like it for some reason.)
  • Married at First Sight (I find it interesting to see peoples personalities and working through these very awkward moments and just how the whole experiment works!)

However, these are only on once a week. I like to watch something in the evening after Blake goes to bed to relax. Lately Jake has been monopolizing the TV with football, which I don’t mind watching some but EVERYNIGHT? Well he put Blake to bed the other night and I realized he must have fallen asleep with her so I decided I would take advantage of some TV ALL TO MYSELF! And I had nothing to watch.

On a whim I looked up Outlander, I have a few people on my Facebook that share clips about the show and it intrigued me. I watched the first episode and I am hooked. Like hooked so bad I might have purchased Starz to be able to watch season one and two. To be fair Netflix didn’t have it and iTunes charged $22.99 a season. I figure I can watch both seasons in a month or two and then cancel Starz until the next season comes out! As long as you have it for 30 days you don’t get charged a cancelation fee.

Who else has watched this? I am serious ONE episode and I was sold.

Reading Gone Girl

Last week I finally took the time to read…something I miss doing. In high school (almost 10 years ago…eek) it seemed like I was reading a book every other week. Then college started and I had so much required reading the pleasure reading decreased. But then having a kid made it even worse, I missed reading so I have been trying to make a point to pick up a book more often. My only issue is I like to binge read…not just a chapter a night or when I go to bed…if it is a book I like I want to sit and read it in a night. Not practical so I am trying to force myself to space it out.


I had “Gone Girl” sitting on my night stand, having borrowed it from a friend. I picked that up a day last week. It is a fairly long book, I think 400 and some odd pages…the first 100 killed me. I read those one evening at home and sat the book down…I wasn’t thrilled but I wanted to finish it. I have not seen the movie so I did want to know what happened. AFTER the first 100 pages it picked up for me, my interest was obtained and the binge reading began. It was a great read and I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mystery/thrillers.


Summer of Weddings

So a far this summer we have had my cousin Alex get married, my little brother get married and now we are finishing out this summer with my cousin Brandon getting married…all within a 1 month time frame!

Here is a look back at the wedding extravaganza! While it made for a hectic summer it also made for some fun date nights for Jake and I…getting dressed up and letting lose for awhile.


This was at the first wedding of the 3 weddings! My cousin Alex’s Wedding.


This was also at the first wedding, Bolton danced with Gram to her and Grandpas “song”…I think you can tell she is enjoying it.


Another from wedding! We went all prom and matched.


This is my Grandmother with all of her children! From Wedding #1…


Ok we were just having too much fun at this point.

Wedding2 Wedding2-1

These are from Bolton’s wedding – wedding #2…I think you can tell he was feeling pretty good at this point! LOL

Wedding3 wedding3-1

These are from the 3rd and final wedding of the season! My cousin Brandon’s!

Happy Birthday Bo Bo

Happy birthday kiddo. As a celebration for your birthday I thought it was only fitting for me to share with everyone what a good sister I am. 🙂

This is Bolton the week BEFORE HIS WEDDING!! It was lucky Kayla wasn’t with us I think she would have been more nervous that he was. We were out of town for a cousins wedding and on the way down Bolton’s eye was itchy and red but he assumed allergies and this is the next morning! So I took him to the nearest walk in clinic…LOVE YOU BOBO…


Oh he also had cellulitis in his thumb from being stung by a bee that week too.


PS – he was 100% better for his wedding!

Well let’s be honest I just wanted an excuse to share these photos. But here is a nice one…you may be a big boy and married now but you are still my little brother – Love you kiddo!




I do not consider myself overly crafty but since we moved into our new house I have painted a few things and honestly enjoy it. The biggest challenge in these projects is not having a garage and doing them with a toddler running around!


I had the dresser given to me from my aunt and uncle. Then I took to pinterest, a dangerous app…and I found this…HOW PRETTY IS THIS? I felt like it was perfect for a little girls room…it would go with any themes she picks over the years and last for a while.



Then came the reality of the project. The top of the dresser was a high shine sort of wood veneer. Paint does not like that. I tried 3 primers…they didn’t work. So then the realization that I would have to sand came to me. I dreaded it and hated every minute of it but it worked. So primed it with a spray paint primer that promised to cover anything and then a roll on primer and then finished with 3 coats of primer and paint in one.

  Dresser4 Dresser7



Next was the metal accents on the side and the lace effect….I was so nervous. I mean there isn’t any touching up the lace. It is what it is and the only fixing is painting it all white again which I couldn’t imagine.





Luckily it worked. It is not perfect but it is done and we love it!

Dresser5 Dresser8

Flowers are BLOOMING

Flower1 Flower3 Flower5 Flower7 Flower8 Flwoer2 Flwoer6

I was lucky enough to get an amazing number and variety of perennial to transplant from a neighbor! Through the drought early on it was a lot of work even with our irrigation to get them alive and settled in. Now the rain has came and they are really looking amazing.



Cannot wait to see how these look next year.


I have been struggling with anxiety lately…who am I kidding…it has been a progressive issue that honestly likely started after the birth of Blakely. When I was younger I was on antidepressants and at some point late in my college career I went off them and was doing well. I should have gotten on them sooner after Blake was born but the whole postpartum depression and mental health area in general are so taboo and I convinced myself it would get better, I was just tried, it was normal, and on and on. I finally decided I had enough this month and am back on medication. I tell you all this as a back drop into how something simple like misplacing my cell phone turned into a #MommyMeltdown.

Sunday Jake was leaving to go help a friend move, I was also getting ready…I planned to pick up some thing for lunch and make lunch for all the movers seeing with Blake I wasn’t overly helpful moving things. I suddenly realized my phone was gone…nothing new I leave it places all the time. Jake told me he would call it on his way while I looked. I think if I had, had my phone on me I am sure I did at least 20 flights of stairs in that 35 minute time period my phone was missing. We do not have a home phone, my cell phone is both for personal use and also my work number…I am pretty much considered on call 24/7 and work owns the cell phone and cell phone plan. It was just Blake and I home. I traced and retraced my steps and where I had been that morning. I asked Blake repeatedly “have you seen mommies phone?” and as she played her toys she would answer “no”…as the time pasted and my trips up and down the stairs continued I began to lose it. Out of desperation I opened every drawer in the bathroom, dumped out my cosmetic bag…moved to our bedroom….ripping all the sheets and blankets off and shaking them out…PRAYING for the clunk of the cell phone hitting the floor…no luck. I was out of ideas. Then I thought I did get dressed today. So I dumped the dirty laundry and check there, checked my closet, dumping each of my drawers. Yes, at this point I was being ridiculous…I know this. Crying had already ensued as I repeated “we are already running late, I just want to find my phone so we can leave”…I sat amongst the mess crying and I could hear Blakely making her way up the stairs. She comes in and says “what wrong momma?” I told her that mommy needs to find her cell phone so we can leave. She walked over to my jewelry box stand opens the third drawer from the bottom and in the very back she pulls out my cell phone and hands it to me, “here it is momma”….I think she must have seen the devil in my eyes because she made it back down the stairs rather quickly.

I started going down but was so angry, both at my 2 year old for hiding my phone and for me letting it completely break me…I sat in the stairway and called Jake crying. Through the tears and cussing I told him what had happened. And he laughed. I then explained to him she may look just like me but his genetics did this to Blake therefore it is his fault. He loves to tease, and pick on and surprise/scare people…at one point I thought this was the little brother syndrome but I have decided it is JUST JAKE and now this is JUST BLAKE. During the conversation Blake dressed herself and put shoes on and was waiting by the door. She is damn lucky she is cute.


The Adventure of a 2 Year old Flower Girl…

Blakely was the flower girl in my Brother’s wedding! She is a wild almost 2&1/2 year old…very busy…sometimes I think we use the term “devil baby” to describe her…lol…but honestly she is just busy. To say I was nervous about her performance on the day off is an understatement.

At the rehearsal she wouldn’t hold hands with the ring bearer…just bolted up and down the aisle…I thought well at least she went down it! Also up and down the pews collecting the bibles and mini pencils…but I ignored that choosing to focus on the fact that she made it down the aisle. I figured when the pews were full she wouldn’t be able to do that!

Wedding day came and I chased her around the church for a little over an hour. You could say we were the preshow for all the punctual guests who were sat in their pews waiting patiently for the ceremony to begin. You know…it is cute when its not your child. New shoes…a dress…SPANXS…and a hot church only added to my frustration. THANK GOD for Mary Kay setting spray…considering my face had been put on at 9:30am and I chased a toddler in a church with a “cooling system” (AKA NOT AC) in August…I looked pretty damn good, well my makeup did at least. Anyway back to the topic. I finally snapped and we had to go sit down…I made her cry and sat trying to keep her from crying more and me for screaming in public or cussing…more than I already had in the church…I like profanity. IT was FINALLY TIME! I got in my place and the brides brother and I made our way down the aisle and took our spots in the front…I stepped out of line when it was time for the kids to come…hoping to get Blake’s attention. She started up the aisle and then she noticed all the people staring at her…boy did she book it back to Daddy. Daddy was waiting to shut the door for the brides dramatic entrance. I was ok with that. I hope the photographer got at least one shot of her IN the aisle. We knew there were not guarantees that she would make it. The ring bearer was a champ and made it all the way down gracefully. If left foolish standing there with a tata (pacifier) in my cleavage…it was my back up if she cried once she got to the front…but hey who knew it was there?

I caught peaks of Jake and Blake as they played in the quiet room during the service. They dances and snuggled and made faces at me. I swayed back and forth…I didn’t realize how bad my feet hurt from running around in the heals until I stood still and the throbbing started. But the ceremony was beautiful and I was thankful I could whiteness it. My Mom and I cried and we looked between each other, Bolton and his Bride coming down the aisle to him. He ALMOST lost it but held it together.

Blake did finally line up some flower petals on the ground after the ceremony was done! That still counts right?

After the ceremony we did more pictures and a miracle happened. She ran to Kayla and wanted UP! So I cannot wait to see the photos that they got of them together. They will be priceless.